Drink fuelled anti community trouble in Galliagh –Duffy

Councillor Sandra Duffy said DSC_0627

The weather has been great all week as people have been enjoying the Easter break, but as we have found in the past it also has its downside when large groups of young people gather and engage in on street drinking.

On Wednesday night there were a number of incidents in the Galliagh area particularly between Glencaw and Leafair when large groups of young people fuelled by drink got involved in anti-community activity causing great distress to local residents. Community representatives tried their best to quell the incidents but it’s a very hard situation to deal with in such circumstances.

Residents should not have to live with this carry on right on their doorsteps.

Strenuous efforts have been made by elected representatives, residents, community groups and the police over recent times and it’s clear that this has not been successful in finding all the answers to the problems being encountered here.