Duddy welcomes repair of Peace Park lights in time for Christma

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy was welcomed the news that all the lights in the Peace Park on Foyle Street which had been out for a number of weeks have now been repaired.

Back in November Councillor Duddy had received  complaints from city centre workers that all the lights in the Peace Park on Foyle Street were not working.

She said “I was contacted back at the start of November by city centre workers concerned that all the lights in the Peace Park were out.

“All six lights in the park were not working; in fact the only light in the park working was the Peace Flame.

“So I was pleased that  those workers have contacted me again to say all the lights have been repaired as well as new Christmas lights being installed in and around the Peace Park and that its looking really well .They asked me to thank the Council for getting the repairs done.

“This is a very busy park with workers using the adjacent car park or commuters simply going to the bus depot on Foyle Street. People are passing through it early in the morning or going home late at night from socialising or shopping  in the city.

“So it was very important as we head into the winter months that these lights were repaired.