Duffy backs calls from children’s commissioners to end cuts

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has welcomed a call from four children’s commissioners for the British government to abandon its plans to cut benefits before more children are driven into poverty. DSC_0627

Speaking after a joint call from the commissioners from the North and Britain, Sandra Duffy said; 

“Coming after a  report which showed a 3 per rise in child poverty levels here and Tory plans for a further cuts which will impact on low income households, this latest report by four children’s commissioners from Britain and the North must be taken seriously.

“Families in the North of Ireland are already becoming increasingly worried about how they can afford the very basics for their children.

“This report is disturbing as it warns that if the proposed cuts go ahead we will see child poverty levels double over the next five years.

“It clearly states the  Tory government is aware of the current and future impact of these cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable including children and yet they still continue to target those very families.

“Sinn Féin hopes to meet with all four of the Commissioners to discuss the concerns raised in this report.”