Duffy backs #FreePeriod campaign

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy has called for full backing of the #FreePeriod campaign which calls for free tampons and sanitary towels to be provided in schools for all girls.
Cllr Duffy stated that society is in a bad state when young girls are missing at least a couple of days of school per month as they can not afford to buy sanitary items, our young women can not continue to be disadvantaged in this way, these items which are essentials not luxury should be freely available, these are our daughters and sisters and they should not be made feel ashamed of what is a natural part of being female.
Cllr Duffy has also stated that governments need to look at how they classify these items, tampons are currently taxed as luxury items but razors are not, this is discrimination against women and needs to stop.
The #FreePeriod campaign has asked people to support it by tweeting a message with the hashtag on Wednesday 20th December to show solidarity.