Duffy challenges Health Minister of over funding of CCIS

Speaking after the full monthly Council meeting Sinn Féin  Councillor Sandra  Duffy has expressed her immense disappointment that the Minister for Health has still not agreed to meet elected representatives of the City and District and the Steering group that has been leading and shaping the Community Crisis Intervention Service. 

The local Health spokesperson said “I have been requesting this meeting since February, and it is an insult to the people of Derry that it has not taken place.  

“Minister Swann, may wish to turn his face from this issue and say that it is a council problem, but this is not the case. The Community Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS) is a service dealing with individuals who are facing a crisis and need de-escalation. This crisis can be due to a mental health episode or as a result of substance misuse. All these issues fall firmly under the remit of the Department for Health and as such the Minister should afford this City the courtesy of a meeting to discuss its future. 

“The Minister recently put in a bid for additional funds to the Department of Finance and included in this bid was the small sum of £1.5 million to fund a mental health strategy. A small addition to this bid could have seen the funding secured for this much needed service in the Derry area which has proven to save lives.