Duffy concern at new mesh fears

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy  has expressed concern after US regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), revealed new health concerns around the use of controversial mesh implants.

The local health spokesperson  was commenting after the FDA warned that some mesh implants may provoke an adverse immune reaction in patients, resulting in chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment and pain.

She said: “The FDA admission follows recent courtroom revelations about the use of certain plastics within the human body. During a recent New Jersey supreme court hearing, memos showed that mesh producers were told over 20 years ago by a leading plastic resin manufacture that their product was not suitable for human implantation.

“These revelations raise serious concerns about the use of mesh, not only to address incontinence and prolapse but also in hernia repairs. The mesh products in question have been sold and used all over the world. I recently met with a group of hernia patients who are experiencing very similar complications to those described by vaginal implant patients. To date the number of hernia patients highlighting adverse reactions is smaller but the symptoms can be just as severe.

“An inadequate regulatory regime has led to real human suffering. It has to stop.”