Duffy condemns weekend incidents in Galliagh

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy commenting after a number of incidents in the Galliagh area during which wheelies bins were burned ,as well as anti-community activity taking place.

She said Councillor Sandra Duffy

“I would make an urgent appeal for this nonsense to stop immediately .The people who live in Moss Park and Collon Lane do not deserve this happening in their area. A handful of young people cannot be allowed to hold an area to ransom like this. They cannot be allowed to undermine all the good work that goes  here over the summer months.

“The one thing that I am sure of is that they didn’t burn their own wheelie bins but have subjected others to a financial burden of having to replace their household bin. As an area of high deprivation people can ill afford to be spending money on continually replacing their bins.

I would like to thank the community activists who helped last night. And call on the parents in  Galliagh  to ensure that their sons or daughters do not get involved in this activity.