Duffy seeks meeting on Culmore Village speed limit

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy is seeking a meeting with Department of Infrastructure officials to discuss the speed limit in the Culmore Village area of this main Derrry/Donegal road.

Councillor Duffy said:

“Following the most recent accidents on this road – two on the same day at Culmore Primary School – I have been contacted by residents who have consistently complained that this road should be reduced to a 30 miles per hour limit as it is a residential area with both a primary school and a secondary school in close proximity to the village,

“Motorists regularly exceed the current speed limit of 40 miles per hour and residents safety is being put at risk when exiting their homes onto this busy road or even when leaving their bins out for collection.
“There is an urgent need for a traffic management, review particularly around parking, outside Hollybush primary school during school drop off and pick up times. I have spoken to the school and share its concern around the difficulty in managing the situation safely. 

“Local residents are also concerned as at these times they are virtually trapped in their homes and worry that should an emergency arise, ambulance or fire service vehicles would struggle to access to their homes.
“I have written to the Department requesting a meeting to discuss ways to address the problem and am awaiting a reply.