Duffy shocked at findings on period poverty in Ireland

Speaking on findings of a report published in the Irish Times  on Period poverty in Ireland Sandra Duffy who has been leading a campaign on this locally said

“This is shocking but the findings don’t surprise me. Since I started to raise the #FreePeriod campaign  locally I have been contacted by teachers ,youth workers and young girls who I would meet on a daily basis in my work as a councillor ,  all have told me how real this problem is.

“Just this week I have had a very positive meeting with Derry City and Strabane District Council to discuss period poverty and what positive actions we could be taking as a council area to address this issue and support our women and girls.

“I believe we can do something to move this campaign forward it had its first major success when in Scotland a number of young female football supporters persuaded Celtic Football Club to take the initiative to be one of the first clubs to offer the facility to provide free sanitary products at their stadium from next season.

“In the coming months I will continue to meet with as many groups as possible to try and get people to buy into supporting the #FreePeriod campaign. And at the same time bringing about practical ways it can be both supported and implemented here in as many public buildings as possible.

 “Our young women cannot continue to be disadvantaged in this way, these items which are essentials not luxury and should be freely available. These are our daughters and sisters and they should not be made feel ashamed of what is a natural part of being female.