Duffy urges support for Palestine demos

Sinn Féin Councillor Sandra Duffy  has encouraged people to attend demonstrations taking place across Ireland marking one year since the beginning of the ‘Great March of Return’. 

She  said:

“This Saturday marks the first anniversary of the ‘Great March of Return’ in Gaza organised by Palestinian’s reaffirming their right to return to their homes from which they were displaced in 1948.

“The demonstrations, which took place every Friday, hundreds of Palestinians were murdered and thousands injured by the brutal actions of the Israeli military. 

“A recent UN report slammed the actions of Israeli occupation forces as having ‘unlawfully authorised’ lethal force resulting in loss of life. 

“The Irish people cannot stand idly by and ignore the daily abuse of human rights in Gaza and the West Bank , we have a proud history of standing against apartheid and occupation.

“We need to continue to build momentum by protesting against the continued slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children by the Israeli military.

“I am urging people to support rallies taking place across Ireland this weekend in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their just quest for freedom and nationhood.” 

Derry Rally: Friday 29th  March, Free Derry Corner, 7.00pm