Duffy warns of dangers at old Thornhill site

Sinn Fein  Ballyarnett Councillor Sandra Duffy has urged parents to warn their children of the dangers about entering the old Thornhill  College site.

Councillor Duffy said.

“The former Thornhill College on Culmore Road was the subject of yet another break-in by vandals recently who came prepared with equipment to remove shutters and then go on a wrecking spree within the buildings.

“The fact that these individuals came with implements to cause maximim damage is especially worrying as the buildings are already in an extremely dangerous condition. I am therefore urging parents to ensure that their children are made aware of the dangers involved by entering this site.

“Due to the deterioration in the condition of these buildings and lands caused in a big part from the disregard by vandals for public safety they are not a playground or safe place for children or teenagers to congregate.

“The former school complex has been a magnet for anti-community activity over recent times. It has been subjected to numerous arson attempts and the latest attack saw materials piled up in preparation for a fire but by sheer good luck it either didn’t take hold or the culprits were disturbed.

“I urge parents to be aware of where your children and teenagers are and advise them to stay away from this site before we are faced with serious injury or worse.

“There is a planning application presently lodged with Derry City and Strabane District Council  for a proposed development on this site and Sinn Fein  would call on the Planning Committee  to move on this application as expeditiously as possible. CRÍOCH/END.