Duffy welcomes support for Crisis Intervention Service motion

Sinn Féin Council Health spokesperson, Cllr Sandra Duffy, has welcomed support for her council motion calling for funding to be made available for the continuation of the Community Crisis Intervention Service (CCIS) in Derry.

Speaking in support of her motion calling for the Health Minister to fully fund the CCIS, at today’s full council meeting, Cllr Duffy said,

“We are all aware of the statistics on mental health here in this city and region, and it is due to this that the Community Crisis Intervention Service was set up and piloted here. It came about as a collective effort.

“The CCIS was developed in conjunction with the Western Trust, Health and Social Care board, Ulster University, Foyle Search and Rescue and Council to provide a low threshold responsive service, addressing issues of crisis, self harm, suicidal ideation and substance misuse, using de-escalation techniques, with support and trained counsellors on hand to ensure the person receives the appropriate help that they need.

“To date, the Minister has stated that the CCIS project in Derry will not be funded, even though he has accepted that it falls within the remit of the Protect Life 2 Strategy.

“The Minister has also stated that there are plans to look at the Belfast Crisis Intervention Service, which whilst we appreciate the need for mental health services across the North, this sets out a glaringly obvious omission to the plan, and highlights that some of the focus in the Health Department’s strategy neglects anything West of the Bann.

“The funding for these projects should be based on objective need, and it cannot be denied that there is objective need for this service in this region.”