DUP just don’t get it on equality, yet –McCallion

Elisha McCallion said the DUP just don’t get it when it comes to equality, respect and integrity.

The Foyle Sinn Féin MLA was speaking following comments from several DUP representatives who ruled out an Irish Language Act16806807_10155086259809345_8264599431095304090_n

Elisha McCallion  said:

“The DUP appear to take one step forward and then ten backwards. They are still in denial when it comes to a right-based society.

“The Irish language community is playing catch-up when it comes to having their cultural identity recognised and treated with respect.

“The DUP need to realise that the Orange one-party state is gone for good and the way ahead is to treat their neighbours with respect.

“No longer can they treat those of us who cherish our Irish cultural identity with disdain or deny us our rights.

“Attempts by the DUP to turn the clock back will not work.

“The future for all of us on this island will be richer culturally and socially when diversity is recognised and people’s rights safeguarded in law.

“The DUP are living in denial but reality I believe is seeping through. At some stage in the short-term future they will be forced by the electorate to accept that the only way to move forward together is through respect, equality and integrity.”