DUP must use influence to relieve pressure on policing budget – McCartney‏

Sinn Féin Vice-Chair of the Justice Committee, Raymond McCartney MLA has called on the DUP leadership to use its influence positively to relieve the pressures on the Policing budget.Raymond head shot 22

Commenting after the appearance of Finance Minister Simon Hamilton MLA before the Assembly Finance committee Raymond McCartney said:

“I agree wholeheartedly with the Finance Minister’s call for ‘more transparency around the pressures facing the policing budget’.

“But what should be obviously transparent to the Minister is the unacceptable waste of millions of pounds policing the illegal protest camp at Twaddell and the proliferation of marches being organised by groups protesting the democratic decision by Belfast City Council on the flying of the Union Flag.

“Perhaps the Minister should focus his attention on those members of his own party who encourage and actually participate in this unacceptable drain on the policing budget and resources.

“If the Minister and his Party colleagues would use their influence positively on this issue I have no doubt that it would go a long way towards relieving many of the pressures affecting the ability of the PSNI to deliver the effective community policing that we all signed up to.” CRÍOCH/END