DUP need to come clean over relationship with Brexit funding group -McCartney

Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney  has said the DUP need to come clean and the nature of its relationship with the mysterious group, which funded its Brexit campaign.

He  said: dsc_6528

“Every piece of information in recent weeks has had to be wrought from the DUP, whether over RHI or the latest revelations over donations to its Brexit campaign.

“We know that the DUP received £425,000 from a mysterious group of British right wing business and corporate interests but the DUP have yet to explain the nature of their relationship with this group.

“There are serious questions that need to be answered. How long have the DUP had links to the Constitutional Research Council? Is this shadowy group still funding any DUP campaigns?

“It’s past time the DUP came clean on this and explained its links to this group to the public and they should do so ahead of Thursday’s poll.”