DUP remains in denial about collapse of institutions – McCartney

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney said today that the DUP remains in denial about its association with a series of financial scandals and the arrogance and disrespect, which led to the collapse of the political institutions.raymond-mccartney2

Raymond McCartney was responding to comments made by DUP MLA Gordon Lyons.

He said:

“Sinn Féin wants an Ireland that is defined by hope, prosperity and opportunity for all citizens irrespective of their age, gender, religious persuasion, cultural identity, political affiliation, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

“It will surprise no one that Sinn Féin as an Irish Republican party is calling on the leadership of Irish nationalism across this island to come together to plan for Irish unity.

“The DUP’s faux outrage at this fact demonstrates that the DUP remains in denial about its arrogance and disrespect which led to the collapse of the political institutions in the north.

“Sinn Féin is committed to getting the political institutions in the north back up and running on the basis of implementing previous agreements, an end to the series of financial scandals associated with the DUP in government and equality and respect for all.

“That requires an end to the DUP’s denial of rights, supported by the Tory government, such as marriage equality, language rights and the right to a coroner’s inquest, which are enjoyed by citizens everywhere else on these islands.

“The DUP/Tory deal has given the Tory government a blank cheque for further austerity cuts and a disastrous Brexit despite the people of the north voting to Remain in the EU.

“If the DUP wants to put Sinn Féin’s credentials to the test then it could engage immediately in talks to implement agreements and end its support for discrimination.”