‘DUP should step back from Brexit brink’ –McCallion

Westminster and the DUP are ignoring the concerns of business as they pursue a reckless course towards a no-deal Brexit, Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion  has said.

The Foyle MP  was commenting after business leaders in Britain issued a joint statement warning that they are ‘watching in horror’ as the prospects of a Brexit crash increase.

“The views of business leaders in Britain are reflective of those in Ireland who have been warning about the disastrous impact of Brexit, ever since the European referendum took place,” Elisha McCallion

“Those fears have intensified over recent weeks as the prospect of a no-deal crash increased.

“Business leaders are horrified and they are aghast that their concerns, their fears and their appeals for common sense are being ignored by Westminster and by the DUP.

“This week alone, businesses have been warned to put their no-deal contingency plans in action. Additional funding has been allocated to the PSNI and preparations are being made to deploy the British Army – all because of Brexit.

“All of that gives a glimpse of the catastrophe that the DUP and the British parliament is prepared to foist upon the people of the North.

“It is time they stepped back from the Brexit brink.

“We cannot afford to crash out of the EU with no terms of departure. That would take us over an economic cliff-edge with supply shortages and many businesses unable to trade, job losses, recession, no access to the EU single market and a physical hard border being put in place in Ireland.

“We cannot allow that to happen and we will continue working with the Dublin Government and the EU27 to protect the Good Friday Agreement and protect the Backstop as our only insurance policy against a hard border and the economic catastrophe that would bring.”