‘Election will be a barometer on Irish Unity’ – Adams

The Westminster election on June 8th will be a barometer on demand for Irish reunification, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams told a public meeting in Derry last night.dsc_5013
Addressing a crowd of several hundred people in the Waterfoot Hotel, the Louth TD also paid an emotional tribute to Martin McGuinness and recounted how he had watched the Assembly election results unfold from his hospital bed.
He commented: “The doctors were around working with him and he was oblivious of them.
“He was watching, applauding and celebrating your successes – our success – the end of Unionism’s electoral majority and celebrating what was a victory for the progressive parties.
“So now folks we have to do it all again. This time without Martin.”
Urging the people of Foyle to back the party’s Foyle candidate Elisha McCallion, the Sinn Féin President said a strong vote was vital in the context of Brexit.
“If Brexit succeeds in dragging the North out of the European Union then you will see an Irish government actually reinforcing the border once again.
“So we have to send a message to London. We have to send a message to Dublin. And we have to send a message also to Brussels where we have the largest number of MEPs from Ireland in the EU Parliament and they are lobbying every day on Brexit.
“We also have to resume talks with the unionists and the others after this election.
“So your vote will send a very clear message to them also.
“It will also be seen in many ways as a barometer on Irish unity.” Ends/Críoch