‘Elections an opportunity to demand rights for all’ – O’Neill

This week’s council elections are an opportunity to demand rights and equality for all, ensure delivery within local government and advance the demand for Irish unity, Sinn Féin Deputy leader Michelle O’Neill has said.

Commenting as voters prepare to go to the polls on Thursday, the Sinn Féin Vice-President said:

“The local government elections on Thursday come at a pivotal time in our political process. The issue of Irish Unity has moved centre stage, new talks are set to begin, Brexit is shaping the dynamic and chaos continues to reign in the British Parliament.

“These elections are an opportunity for the public to have their say on all of that and once again demand rights and equality for all, to demand no hardening of the border and to ensure the cross-community vote to remain in the EU is respected. They are also about ensuring delivery for local communities and the highest standards of governance within local councils.

“The best way to achieve that is by voting for your local Sinn Féin candidates in Thursday.

“A strengthened Sinn Féin in vote will also strengthen our hand in the new political negotiations which are due to get underway next week.

“Those talks are an opportunity to find a resolution to the outstanding issues and Sinn Féin will engage energetically and positively.

“We believe in power sharing and sustainable institutions which deal with our economy and deliver public services such as in health and education.

“This process must also deliver on marriage equality, and rights for women, Irish speakers and victims. Credible and sustainable institutions must be built on equality and respect.

“No section of our society can be left behind.”