EU citizens should have right to direct representation in European Parliament – Anderson

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said EU citizens in the north should have the right to direct representation in the European Parliament post-Brexit.

Speaking after a debate in the European Parliament’s AFCO committee today, Martina Anderson said:

martina anderson

“The ability to directly elect a representative to the European Parliament is a basic fundamental right.

“At this morning’s meeting of the European Parliament’s AFCO committee I brought forward amendments reiterating that all citizens of the north of Ireland, by virtue of the Good Friday Agreement, are entitled to British or Irish citizenship or both and reminded members that as Irish citizens, they will remain EU citizens post-Brexit.

“This means that people living in the north, through their entitlement to Irish and therefore EU citizenship, should still have the right to directly elect representatives to the European Parliament.

“I was pleased that members of the committee supported my amendments and this position now needs to be taken into account by those deciding on the future composition of the European Parliament.

“The Irish government, which has pledged itself to upholding the rights of all Irish citizens, including those in the north, need to ensure that this fundamental democratic right is protected.

“We cannot allow our basic democratic rights to be trampled on by the Tory Brexit agenda and the best way to guard against that and ensure our rights are protected is to secure special status for the north within the EU.” Ends/Críoch