EU Report again shows British government failing Irish Language rights – McCartney

Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney  has said that the latest report from the Council of Europe, regarding the protection of national minorities, once again highlights the British Government’s failures to the Irish Language community.

Raymond McCartney  said:12998349_1037714449617952_1759881580700105285_o

“The British Government have once again been internationally criticised for their neglect of the Irish Language and for their lack of action to secure the rights of Irish speakers.

“The report rightly points out the British Government’s shortcomings on issues of legislation, strategy and  provision.

“We support the call in this report, and from the Irish Language Community, that the British Government must take immediate action.

“The British government made a commitment to bring forward an Irish Language Act and has failed so far to honour its agreement.

“This failure was compounded by the DUP blocking an Irish Language Act at the Executive and an Irish Language Strategy, a Programme for Government commitment.

“If the current political talks are to have any value then agreements need to be implemented.

“Legislation for an Irish Language Act should be brought forward now.”