EU should support the people of Palestine – Anderson

Sinn Féín MEP Martina Anderson has said the EU should support the people of Palestine rather than the actions of the Israeli defence forces.

martina anderson

Speaking following a debate in the European Parliament, Martina Anderson said:

“The resolution that was brought before the European Parliament today on the situation in Gaza was not an accurate reflection of what is happening and was in line with attempts to distort the truth.

“The narrative put forward in the resolution ignores the fact that more than 30 Palestinians were killed and more than 3,000 injured during the Great March of Return.

“Ahead of the debate, our group, GUE/NGL proposed a very different resolution that was committed to de-escalation, justice and peace building.

“But it was diluted with the inclusion of disgraceful and inflammatory language that degrades and dehumanises the people living in Gaza.

“As a result, the resolution which was passed ignored the voice of the Palestinian people. This is why Sinn Féin MEPs opposed it.

“We cannot allow any justification for the massacre perpetrated by the Israeli’s but instead we will continue to campaign for and provide a voice for the people of Palestine.” Ends/Críoch