Everyone has part to play in fight against plastic pollution – Burke

Sinn Féin Councillor Tina Burke has highlighted the need to cut down on needless plastic use in our society.

Speaking on World Environment Day, she said:

“We all have a responsibility for the planet and plastic pollution is a human made problem, we all need to take affirmative action to combat this problem.

“With over 10 million tonnes of plastic waste leaking into our oceans each year, we are reaching a critical point. The ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050 unless we take action.

“I would encourage everyone to reuse, reduce and recycle where possible and to cut down on their use of single use plastics. 

“There are environmental friendly alternatives available to a majority of our everyday products such as coffee cups, plastic water bottles and straws.

“We need everyone to make the right choice and move to renewable alternatives that will help drive the fight against plastic pollution.”