Family pets falling victim of anti-community activity at Glenowen pathway

Councillor Kevin Campbell said “There have been ongoing issues at the pathway that links Westway  and Glenowen the last number of weekends.

“Groups of young people have been gathering there and getting involved in underage drinking. As the night progresses this turns into vandalism attacks, smashing bottles and causing a general nuisance.

“I have spoken to one pet owner who had to take their dog to the vets after cutting its paws on the broken glass there . It needed stitches resulting in a vets bill of nearly £200 by the time the treatment was finished. That’s not even taking into consideration the distress this caused to the poor dog.

“I visited the pathway and it had broken glass ,cans and rubbish strewn all over the place.

“It would make it very unpleasant for anyone walking across the pathway and problematic for anyone in a wheelchair or someone pushing a pram.    

“Residents are rightly concerned as we head towards the bright nights that these activities could get worse.

“I am making an appeal to parents to make it their business to find out if their children are part of the groups hanging about the pathway at the weekend. A lot of time you will find that peer pressure plays a part in youngsters getting caught up in all this and a positive  intervention can help reduce that.