Farmers should apply for Single Farm Payment online-Fleming

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has appealed to all farmers to use the online system to apply for the Single Farm Payment so that farmers can access their money as early as possible.

He said,

“The application forms for Single Farm Payments will be released from today and must be returned by the 15th May.


“I would encourage farmers to get their form early and fill it online as they are many advantages over filling in the form manually.


“Online is fast and easy to use, contains the latest up to date field information and gives out alerts if you don’t fill a section properly.  It also issues you with a receipt and a summary of your claim.


“Last year 91% of farmers received their payment in early December due to an increase of online submissions so it is clear that if you apply online you get paid earlier.


“The system is set up to save information as it is imputed so even in areas where there is a bad broadband connection farmers can apply online knowing that if the network goes all down the information will have already been saved.


“If a farmer has not got the confidence to fill the form online they should seek assistance by contacting their local DARD office.”