Fears follow attempted break-in at Grangemore-Kelly

Councillor Colly Kelly said

“I was contacted by a resident in Grangemore  who was away for the Easter Holidays and returned to find two men where in her back garden .Only for the vigilance of her neighbour and alert residents who disturbed the men and contacted the police ,this had the potential to be a lot worse .So I would appeal to  people be careful and make sure they take the necessary safety precautions around their  home especially if they are  away on holidays, or even heading out to the park all day or nipping down in a caravan in Donegal.

He went on to say

I would advise all residents to ensure that their doors and windows are closed and locked at night and when people are out during the day. I would also advise that as cars and their contents are being targeted, people should ensure they are not leaving valuables in their cars or where perspective thieves will see them.

Over the summer I would also urge local people to secure all their belongings particularly in garden sheds, outhouses and garages. Which are all easy targets for criminals. And call on any resident who sees anyone acting suspiciously to contact the police straight away.