Fears over isolated “Drug Den”-Duffy‏

Sinn Féin Representative Sandra Duffy has expressed her concerns that an old barn in a rural location on the outskirts of Galliagh may be, being used as a “drug den”

She was speaking following being contacted by members of the public who came across an old barn they fear this is being used as a den for young people to engage in drug use.

Sandra Duffy said ‘When I was initially contacted by concerned members of the community I went up to have a look and was very concerned to discover this building, it’s in a very isolated setting.

I would worry about any young person using it, God forbid, but if anything happened one of these young people out there they might not be found for some time. According to the concerned

people who contacted me they claimed that there are young people as young as 12/13 years of age using this building.

I would urge any young person who may be thinking of going out to this barn to have a rethink; they are placing themselves at risk. There are many other activities that they could be engaging in, with Off the Streets and other Community Groups and Youth Clubs in the area offering services and facilities for young people.

I would also appeal to parents to talk to your children about the dangers that they may be exposing themselves to.

Sandra went on to say that the PSNI have been contacted to make them aware of the barn and that she is also in the process of trying to find the owner of the barn.

Sandra Duffy
Sandra Duffy