Fears over rat infestation Lone Moor Road

Sinn Féin Councillor Colly Kelly  said colly new road pic

I have been contacted by residents  who live along the Lone Moor Road and several of the off streets and they have reported to me that a number of dead rats have been found in the back gardens of local homes and that’s rats have also been seen in the laneways.

Also people putting rubbish out  have had the misfortune off rats being in around their wheelie bins.It can be a very frightening experience for anyone to   lift the lid on the bin for a rat to jump out in front of them .So its important all lids on bins are secured.

With winter now on us I would urge that residents take every precaution to ensure that rats cannot get into their homes, out houses, garden sheds.  It is obvious that if anyone dumps the rubbish in the laneways they  have no regard for others because while they wanted rid of the rubbish they were prepared to dump it on other people’s doorsteps.