Fears over rubbish dumped at electricity sub station in the Bogside -Duddy

Sinn Féin Environmental spokesperson Councillor Sharon Duddy has appealed for illegal dumping at a green space beside a electricity sub station in the Bogside to stop.

Councillor Duddy said “I was contacted by a number of local residents to see if I could highlight the illegal dumping that was going on at a green space beside an electricity sub station at the bottom of Stanleys Walk. And help get the area cleaned up.

“When I went to the scene, I was shocked to see the amount of stuff that had been thrown over the fence. It included the likes of household rubbish ,tyres and children toys.

“It’s very important to highlight the dangers of placing any of this stuff beside a sub station. It could be set on fire or a child could be injured trying to climb in to retrieve any of these toys within yards of thousands of volts of electricity.

“I would appeal for this dumping to stop and urge anyone looking to have additional rubbish removed to contact the Council and see if it fits the criteria for the bulky lift scheme. I will also be in contact with NIE to see if we can get the site cleaned up.