Fears over timeline of major upgrade of Buncrana Road

Sinn Féin Councillor for the Greater Shantallow Area Tony Hassan has said whilst he would welcome any road upgrade in the city he  feels a resurfacing programme on Buncrana Road is only pushing back the timeframe of the major upgrade of road.


He is  calling on the Roads Minister Danny Kennedy and DRD Road Service to immediately begin the much need major upgrade of the Buncrana Road


Councillor Hassan said


 “As a major arterial route connecting Derry with Donegal the Buncrana Road is not capable of taking the volume of traffic that uses it on a daily basis. I believe this  work whilst welcome is not the answer and that a  full upgrade  should happen now rather than wait until the scheduled 2018/2020 time line.


“Major developments have taken place on the Skeoge Road, Culmore Roundabout and the widening of the Madams Bank Road only adds argument to the major upgrade of  the Buncrana Road.


“As the Councillor for the greater Shantallow area I would again call on DRD Roads Service and the Minister Danny Kennedy to complement the Skeoge Link by starting the  Buncrana Road immediately.”