Fire at electricity sub station Galliagh –McCallion

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion commenting after a fire was started at an electricity substation in the Ederowen Park area of Galliagh and a number of other small fires were started in the locality last night said:


“I would like to alert parents in the area to this incident at Ederowen Park and a number of other small fires which took place. A fire was started at the electricity substation, thankfully on this occasion  it didn’t spread or cause serious damage but none the less it is a warning to everyone the seriousness of starting such fires. 1


 Whilst others are trying very hard to improve the lives of residents and the neighbourhood once again a very, very small minority can undo some of that work in a very short space of time.


There is a bulky lift scheme currently underway in the area and I would urge residents not to leave out materials overnight and leave them out at the designated times to avoid them being lifted by young people to be used as material to start fires.