Fire warning over leaving modern appliance on continuous charge-Duddy

Sinn Fein Councillor Sharon Duddy has urged people in Derry to ensure that they do not leave modern appliances on continuous charge under bed clothes or pillows.

Her call comes after photos released by the Dublin Fire Brigade show the serious dangers and damage caused by overheated appliances

She said “I think that anyone who seen the photos released by the Dublin Fire Brigade this week would be shocked at the extent of the damage caused by a phone charger overheating on a bed or under a pillow.

“More importantly it’s a reminder to everyone how dangerous many of the appliances in our homes can be if we don’t heed the Fire Service advice.

“In most homes these days’ people will have phones, laptops, iPads all on charging all the time . They also leave laptops that have been used for hours on top of the sofa, the end of beds overnight never thinking the heat and the potential danger for starting a fire.

“I have spoken to a number of people who seen the photos on social media and were shocked at the extent of the damage.

“I would urge people in the North West to listen to this warning and if charging phones, iPads, laptops to do it on a hard surface with plenty of ventilation

“If my appeal  highlights the dangers and makes people change their habits and saves one life in Derry  then it will have been worth it.