Firmus assessing interest in installing Gas in Greenhaw homes – Cooper

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has urged residents of the Greenhaw area interested in getting Gas installed in their homes to contact him.
Councillor Cooper who has been working on the issue with Firmus Gas said 

“I have received a number of enquiries from residents in the Greenhaw area regarding the possibility of securing the installation of a gas connection in the area.

I have spoken to Firmus energy and they have advised that they will consider such a scheme if there is a clear demand in the area.

They have suggested that residents who are interested should forward their names to me and if an adequate number of residents are shown to be in support then they can consider the implementation of a scheme.

If you would like to register your support please text or call me on 07743175709 or e-mail and I will add your name to the list which I will forward to Firmus. I will also leaflet the area in the coming week to make residents aware of the initiative.

I want to make it clear adding your name does not reflect any obligation on your part to sign up for a gas connection into your own home. The petition will solely be used by Firmus to assess general levels of support for gas mains installation in the areas a whole.