Fleming commends the Dairy Sector for addressing carbon footprint

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming  has commended the dairy sector for its efforts to address its carbon footprint. 

He said “The latest technologies provide the opportunity for the diary sector to reduce the carbon footprint while still maximising the overall farm profit in a labour efficient working environment.

“Since 1990 the dairy sector in the north has reduced fuel and electricity emissions by around 70%, manure emissions by some 27% and enteric fermentation emissions by 30%, with a 50% increase in milk production in the same period. 

“Efficient use of renewable energy sources, on farm emissions mitigation measures, grassland and fertility management all contribute to lowering the sector’s carbon footprint.

“I want to commend the dairy sector’s sustainability initiatives which have allowed for dairy products to be processed in an efficient manner whilst minimising emissions which is vital to preserving the planet for future generations.”