Fleming raises safety concerns over Clooney Road /Temple Road

Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Fleming has met with Transport NI (Formally Roads Service) in relation to safety concerns over a section of the dual carriage at Clooney Road and also safety concerns about the footpath on Temple Road one of the main arterial routes into Strathfoyle.Paul-Fleming

Councillor Fleming said “I requested this meeting with Transport NI following huge concerns raised in the area about safety along the dual carriageway on the Clooney Road.

This is a very busy road with hundreds of vehicles using it daily so on that basis and clearly something needs to be done there. Transport NI told me that they are looking at implementing mitigation measures in the short term such as skid signs , clear foliage on the right side of the road ,and a orange square safety measure on the road near to Judges Road. Being able to carry out this work is down to the funding available .In the long term there may be consideration for realigning this section of road.

I also raised concerns about  a very narrow stretch of footpath on the Temple Road along part of the roadway adjacent to Enagh Lough.This is a much used stretch of footpath  and there is real concern expressed in relation to it.

Transport NI have told me they believe the footpath needs widened and are currently looking at  how they can action this as a matter of urgency.