Fleming welcomes Launch of “Trade Unions For A New and United Ireland”

Sinn Féin Foyleside representative Hayleigh Fleming  has welcomed today’s launch of “Trade Unionists for a New and United Ireland.”

The civic society initiative  is aimed at stimulating debate around what a new Ireland could and should look like.

Hayleigh Fleming  said:

“This trade union initiative is both vitally important and very timely. Trade Unions represent 800,000 members across the island of Ireland, their voice is crucial to the debate around a United Ireland.

“It’s absolutely essential that workers’ rights are put front and centre in the debate around Irish Unity. However, that wont happen unless trade union activists get on board and start the conversation now.

“James Connolly correctly predicted that partition would lead to a carnival of reaction North and South. Now that we can see the real prospect of a border poll in the coming decade, Trade Unions must ensure that they lead the debate about the values that should underpin a New Republic. 

“In particular I welcome the call from John Douglas for a debate around a new Democratic Programme as a roadmap for what that new State could look like.”

“I very much look forward to the next step in this initiative, which is a conference being organised by ‘Trade Unionists for a New and United Ireland’ on the 27th April