Foster’s Irish language comments another attempt to deflect attention from RHI – McCartney

Sinn Féin’s Raymond McCartney  has said comments from Arlene Foster on the Irish language are another desperate attempt to deflect public attention from their incompetence and mishandling of the RHI scandal and further highlight the arrogance of the DUP.12998349_1037714449617952_1759881580700105285_o

he  said;

“These disgraceful comments from Arlene Foster about the Irish language are yet another example of the absolutely disgraceful arrogance of the DUP.

“Time and time again the DUP have shown nothing but disrespect to the Irish language and identity.

“These comments further highlight the contempt in which the DUP holds large sections of the community.

“It is also another desperate attempt by the DUP leader to deflect public attention from the DUP’s incompetence and mishandling of the RHI scandal.

“The British government committed to an Irish Language Act in the St Andrew’s Agreement and Sinn Féin is determined to see that commitment honoured.

“On March 2 the people have an opportunity to reject the DUP’s contempt for the public and put equality, respect and integrity at the heart of the political process.”