Frustration and safety concerns over unfinished Hollymount work –Jackson

Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor Christopher Jackson said CIS9L8pWwAQ4Ale


“Residents in Hollymount are becoming increasingly frustrated with the resurfacing work being carried out in the estate. Work began almost one year ago to replace existing flagstones and steps in the estate.


Now one year down the line the work still hasn’t been completed. Some steps have been left in an unusable condition, one elderly resident fell after losing her footing on a set of steps that are so narrow residents have no option but to tiptoe up and down them.


Over the last year residents have told me that they have faced a multitude of problems with the length of time it is taking for this work to be completed, that cars have been damaged, and claimed that building equipment and machinery had been left unattended for days and in some cases weeks posing a serious risk to children playing in the area.


I have been in contact with Transport NI over a number of months and have been assured each time that the railings will be in place within weeks. Now as we face into the holiday period there is a fear that this work will face further delays.


I would call on Transport to finish this site with a renewed sense of urgency and leave the residents with safe, functional steps similar to what was in place prior to the work starting.