‘Fundamental that Public Transport services are protected’ –Fleming

The Department of Infrastructure’s annual report, published earlier this month, has stated that it is ‘unlikely’ that public transportation services can maintain current levels which were dependent on in-year funding during 2018-19.

Ever since a budget cut to Translink’s annual subsidy of £13m in 2015-16, the company has been dependent on additional funding every year to maintain services at their current level.

 “Within the regular uncertainty of Translink’s budget, it’s rural services that are at risk. We must make sure that Translink is adequately resourced so rural transport isn’t negatively affected,”    according to Councillor Paul Fleming 

He went on to say 

“Public transport is a fundamental service that many people, both young and old, depend on.

“It is vital that we protect these services. Public transport helps connect us all and is an essential pillar of Sinn Féin’s goal of encouraging sustainable and active travel.

 ‘We will be writing to the Department of Infrastructure to ensure that any budgetary decisions comply with their equality and human rights duties.”