Galliagh Gateway project transforming physical appearance of the area- Elisha Mc Callion

Sinn Féin Councillor Elisha McCallion has welcomed the transformation the Galliagh Gateway project has made on the physical appearance of a number areas of Galliagh.

Councillor McCallion said

“This project to date has done excellent work in helping improve the physical appearance of a number of areas in Galliagh. The latest being a landscape project at Bloomfield Park ,which is being carried out by the housing executive locally. This will help enhance improve environmentally and socially the area.


Projects such as this complement the likes of the unity  sculpture at the Galliagh roundabout which was designed with input from local schoolchildren and created by local sculptor Maurice Harron. This part of the project will be completed by Derry city council in the immediate future. The completed unity sculpture will be lit up and planted out.


We have seen excellent work in the Leafair area of Galliagh which has been completed by young and old alike and we hope to include additional allotments throughout the Gallaigh area in the near future.


The Galliagh area sees a lot of traffic travelling through it; therefore it is vital that the area looks clean and tidy and we send out a positive image.

As a local resident I see Galliagh every day and I recognise the need for more of these regeneration schemes as they bring untold benefits, I will therefore will be lobbying more of these projects from the various agencies. 



Launch of a community arts project at Leafair
Launch of a community arts project at Leafair