Gerry Adams TD to address public meeting in Derry

Gerry Adams TD to address public meeting in Derrygerry-adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD will address a public meeting on Monday 22 May at 7.30 in the Waterfoot Hotel.

Speaking in advance of the meeting Gerry Adams said:

In the March Assembly election Sinn Féin received our biggest vote ever across the North – 224,245 votes.

“We also achieved our best ever result here In this constituency of Foyle – 16,350 votes with Elisha McCallion topping the poll and Raymond McCartney also comfortably elected.. That was a dramatic and significant accomplishment.

“This election was called to serve narrow right wing English Tory interests. Irish interests – of any kind – unionist or nationalist are of no concern to Theresa May. Her only interest is Brexit. Her only interest is British or English national interests. These are the interests which are being supported and promoted by the DUP and the UUP.

“We know from talking to business leaders, trade unions, farmers and community groups that they are all concerned by Brexit.

“So, this election is an opportunity to put forward Sinn Féin’s alternative to the position of the Democratic Unionist and Ulster Unionist Parties who are ignoring the majority vote of the people of the North in last June’s referendum – their people – our people.

“June’s election provides an opportunity to take our republican vision; our message of hope in the future, of unity, reconciliation and peace out to the electorate. To raise again the right of citizens to equality and parity of esteem and to fundamental human rights.

“Brexit threatens the prosperity of Derry, the Northwest and the entire border region. Foyle is a border constituency. A constituency that relies on the free movement of business, goods and people.

“We believe that the interests of citizens on this island requires that the North be designated a special status within the EU. In this way there will be no EU frontier on the island.

“The outcome of this election in the North will be closely monitored. It will send a clear message to Brussels and London. It will shape the talks to re-establish the Executive. It will be seen as another measure of support for unity.

“There is only a few short weeks left to voting. We have a lot to do in that time. On June 8th I believe we can make history in Foyle and across the North.

“If we replicate the effort in the Assembly election we can make history in Foyle by not only electing the first Sinn Féin MP for Foyle but the first woman MP for Foyle. So, on June 8th, reassert the message from the Assembly election to the DUP and its Tory masters in London – there will be no return to the status quo, and we will not accept the reimposition of a border – hard or soft in Ireland.”