Get involved in project designed to regenerate Derry’s riverside.-McCallion

Sinn Féin MP Elisha McCallion has encouraged people to get involved in the Future Foyle project designed to regenerate Derry’s riverside.

The Foyle MP said: 

“The river Foyle is one of the key natural assets of our city and the Future Foyle initiative is designed to make the most of it in order to fulfil its potential.

“The project has the potential to regenerate our riverfront, making it a key asset in our city.

“One of the aspects of the initiative involves pods, called Foyle Bubbles, which will be located along the riverbank and will be available as a unique and innovative space for businesses, schools, community groups and others.

“These bubbles will provide an excellent space, showcasing the river and the river bank and will be a key attraction for both visitors and locals.

“I would encourage anyone interested in using these fantastic spaces to keep an eye out for the expression of interest process and to get involved.

“We need to ensure we maximise the potential of our riverfront as one of the major attractions of our city.”