Give the ambassador a one-way ticket home – McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney  has called on the Irish government to show leadership by recognising the State of Palestine and expelling the Israeli ambassador immediately. 

Speaking after a  solidarity rally was held outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin, Raymond McCartney  said:

“The current situation in Gaza is nothing short of a massacre. Another four people have been killed over the last 48 hours by Israeli forces.

“The Irish people cannot stand by and ignore the abuse of human rights, we have a proud history of standing against apartheid and occupation.

“We need to continue to build momentum by protesting against the continued slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children by the Israeli military.

“The Irish government have a responsibility to stand up and be counted, they should gave the Israeli ambassador a one-way ticket home and give full recognition to the State of Palestine.”