Hassan calls for clarity -transfer of 100s of HE homes

Sinn Féin Housing spokesperson Councillor Tony Hassan has called on the Housing Executive to clarify if they intend to transfer several hundred homes in Derry and across the north to Housing Associations.tony-sandra-and-elisha-shantallow-oct-2013-c-mc-menamin-pics-(72)

Councillor Hassan said –“Tenants have contacted me concerned on hearing news that the Housing Executive (HE) may be intending to do this. Staff are also fearful about the future makeup of the Housing Executive and the impact that would have in our city.

We need clarity from the Housing Executive immediately to inform residents if they are indeed making such plans and the subsequent impact that would have on tenants and HE staff locally.

We should also be mindful that when a Housing Association takes ownership of Housing Executive stock, the tenant can expect a rent increase and that will have a deep impact particularly for those on low pay.

Concluding he said

All the things that are currently happening within the Housing Executive many believe point to the break-up of the organisation as we know it.

We all need to be robust in our defence of the Housing Executive we can’t afford to lose it.