Hassan to raise lighting problems with DRD officials

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan is to raise the issue of the non-repair of street lighting across the city with DRD Road officials at the councils regional services meeting which takes place today  Tuesday (2nd December)93395584

Councillor Hassan said “I have been inundated with complaints from across a wide area of the city with serious concerns about the non-repair of street lights and in some instances road lights .The first bite of winter has hit us this week with the heavy fog and this has brought home to people the impact of having to no street lights and looking out at darkened streets or roads.

It can be very frightening for anyone particularly people living on their own in an area with no street or road lights outside their home. It can make them feel very vulnerable. There is also the health and safety of pedestrians and motorists to be taken on board.

People have been saying to me that they pay rates and expect these services to be provided.

I will be raising this with DRD Road officials when they are attending the council regional services meeting on Tuesday.