Hassan welcomes moves on Culmore “flood” wall

Speaking  after a of Derry City Council Environmental Services meetinglg_tony_hassan_copy2

 Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has said he has welcomes clarification from DRD Roads Service  that they have responsibility for maintaining the wall at the shore front in Culmore .

His comments come amid concerns in Culmore of flooding reoccurring following the bad weather conditions which affected roads across the city last week .

Councillor Hassan said “The DRD Roads Service need to remove the sections of the railings at the roadside along the riverfront and replace it with a continuous solid stone wall in consultation with local  residents and Derry City Council.

I am glad that they have now said they have responsibility for the maintenance of the wall .It is imperative that we get the situation resolved at Culmore as speedily as possible .We cannot have a situation every time  there is heavy rain residents are panicking their homes will get flooded or one of the main roads through the area will be closed.

I proposed a motion at the meeting calling on Derry City Council to contact DRD and have the wall repaired as soon as possible