Hassan welcomes new safety measures at Culmore Primary School

Sinn Féin Councillor Tony Hassan has welcomed the completion of a new car park at Culmore Primary School  on the Culmore Road which the contractors have told Councillor Hassan will be open next week.

Cllr Tony Hassan said lg_tony_hassan_copy2

This is good news for parent’s, children and of course the staff of the school .I commend the developers of the site on the barley field for the completion of the work.

For a long time and over many years there have been problems on the Culmore Road at the school which was a matter of health and safety for parents leaving their children off in the mornings and also collecting them  in the afternoon.

Now with the safe car parking and the new pathway into the school things are now a bit safer for very one at the school.

I would like to commend the school staff, board of governors, and the developers for making this possible.