‘Have the conversation with your children about Road Safety’ – Cllr McGinley

Sinn Féin Councillor Emma McGinley, has urged parents to have a conversation with their children about Road Safety following reports of dangerous behaviour at Central Drive in Creggan .

Cllr McGinley said,

‘There have been reports recently of young people, including some children of primary school age, engaging in risky behaviour on the roadway at Central Drive in the vicinity of the shops.

“One driver who contacted me told me that a young person had grabbed onto the back of his van as he went to drive off. Whilst we are lucky that the young person wasn’t seriously hurt, if this behaviour continues, we will be looking at a serious injury or worse.

“Central Drive is a busy road, with people from all over Creggan using the shops, the school and the community facilities that are in the area.

“I have engaged with local school principals and the youth service to ask if possible could they speak to the young people they engage with about this issue and outline the dangers. I also think parents should be having the same conversations with their children.

“This week is Road Safety Week, which provides an excellent opportunity to open up the conversation easily around the importance of being vigilant near roads and vehicles .