Health transformation requires partnership approach’-Logue

Patients and the Health and Social Care (HSC) workforce must be fully involved in the transformation of the service, Sinn Féin health spokesperson Councillor Patricia Logue  has said.

She  was commenting after Sinn Féin met Chief Nursing Officer Charlotte McArdle to discuss the progress of the Department of Health’s Working Group on partnership in the transformation of health and social care services.

She said: “It is vital that the transformation of the HSC is based firmly on the principle of working in partnership with those who use and those who deliver health and social care services.

“Real and meaningful partnership, which would involve people from the very beginning of processes, including in the design stages of transformational changes, is a fundamental principle of Michelle O’Neill’s Delivering Together plan.

“The success of transformation requires genuine partnership working.

“Imbedding partnership in the design and delivery of transformation will require ongoing work and I would encourage the DoH Working Group to continue to develop this approach, with those who use and deliver HSC services.”