Heaney seeks anti-sectarianism initiative

The local council will be urged to adopt an anti-sectarianism strategy under a proposal being put forward by Sinn Féin Councillor Conor Heaney, it has been revealed. 

Commenting on the proposal, Cllr. Heaney said he intends to table a motion calling for the strategy at this week’s full council meeting. 

Cllr. Heaney said: “Sectarianism and sectarian segregation remain major barriers to building a better future. 

“They represent significant blockages to achieving a future defined by respect, inclusion and equality. 

“For as long as we fail to successfully address sectarianism and division, then intolerance, bigotry and fear will continue while the potential for instability and conflict will be ever present. 

“That is clearly not the kind of future that any of us want for our children so I would urge all parties to back this proposal and support the need for Council to devise, adopt and implement a strong anti-sectarianism policy.”